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So you’ve found a web designer that “gets” you? They’re building  a website that matches your colossal vision? Yes, it is responsive, retina ready, easy to navigate and even search engine optimized. You paid big bucks for this site, what now? Building is one thing, getting seen is another! Are all your customers going to find you on Google? 

Let’s say you opened a new restaurant. Yes, many people will find you through Google now that you’re optimized. But what about the rest? The locals? The ones that are not internet savvy (yes, they do still exist!!), the ones that don’t even think to search the net for a new place to eat. How do you reach them?

With full service marketing you’ll get a full arsenal of products: business cards, rack cards, flyers, as well as a marketing game plan that puts you in front of the right people that will advertise your business to the most people.

Remember, business does not stop at the web. A successful company needs real world marketing to reach the maximum number of prospective buyers!